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Our Products

Our laboratory is located in French Polynesia. Their cutting edge equipment used to source and develop natural resources, enables us to produce an all natural oil and still honor ancestral knowledge. Orā is therefore the result of a clever blend of modernity and tradition. There are five distinct stages in the creation of our product. First, the Tiare flowers are handpicked. They need to be hulled quickly, as their morning freshness is essential to the maceration stage. For 10 days, the flowers sit in a high quality coconut oil. After having extracted all their natural properties into the oil, the plants are filtered and removed from the liquid. To maximize the benefits and adapt this natural ressource to modern lifestyles, Orā‘s’ pure Monoi is then blended with other botanic oils and wrapped in a luxurious yet smart packaging.  All the raw ingredients used during the manufacturing process that do not play an active role in our Monoi oil are recycled or reused. As an example, after the maceration stage, the tiare flowers are used to make cotton wool and the excess oil is used to make biofuels. From the sourcing to the end-product, we make sure to respect the highest sustainability standards and promote circular economy. What unfortunately cannot be recovered will be disposed of in a green and ethical manner. It is very important for us to nurture the natural resources that allow us to bring our ideas to life as well as bring this unique product and its benefits to your natural and minimalist beauty routine.

Les Soins

Discover the soothing atmosphere of Les Soins Orā. Experience a pure state of relaxation while discovering the Island Botanical collection through our Mata, Fare, & Toa treatments. Our holistic offering is designed to help the mind, body, and soul rest and repair while honoring traditional Tahitian methods and modern techniques. Our space is shared with the established boutique, Hermust, showcasing timeless apparel & lifestyle pieces.

Our Story

Orā was born after we encountered the most precious natural treasure from French Polynesia that cannot be found elsewhere. Not only were we completely charmed by the beauty of this remote tropical land, but we also let ourselves be won over by the essence of the well-being that emanates from all over Tahiti. The secret? Monoi. It was after the revealing discovery of Monoi that we felt the need to make this natural gem from the islands shine beyond the Pacific. We have chosen to combine our respective expertise and our common passion for flowers to create our own Monoi formula, inspired by the island botanicals. Concerned about offering the best possible and most complete natural product, we have worked with local producers and scientists to create a smooth oil, combining modernity and Polynesian tradition.

Our Approach

We have collaborated for 2 years with Tahitian growers as well as local experts to develop the best Monoi oil formula ever. We have combined the skills of people around the world to strive for the highest quality in all aspects of the product: from the clean and modern design to the luxurious formulation of the product. Orā benefits from the label of protected origin. This label attests the large proportion and Polynesian origin of the ingredients of our Monoi oil. Our certifications also authenticate that the production of the product is carried out under optimal conditions, respecting the culture and the local environment, as well as meet the highest European cosmetic regulations.

French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a vast archipelago of 118 islands located in the South Pacific. The total area is in fact as wide as all of Europe. It is a mythical place with ancestral energy, often presented as a truly breathtaking paradise. Turquoise waters, prodigious beaches, impressive mountains, awe-inspiring flora and fauna and many unknown treasures. Among them is the Tiare flower, a true emblem of the fenua.